Saturday, 26 February 2011

Almost fell asleep watching this gorgeous fashion video, all the rage now days apparently. (esp according to frankie)

Love the bodice on the blue dress worn by the window. Like petals.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Page 6 of the granny chapter

Ok, wow! She must have used some massive crochet hooks for this! I'm thouroughly impressed :)

You can buy one of these from Squirellicious

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Page 5 of The Granny Chapter

Some of my latest creations,

Which come  to you along with the horrible news of the Christchurch Earthquake. What a feirce power nature is.

Monday, 21 February 2011

One of the cool photos found on such a great blog! I could be lost in this for hours

Page 4

On a different note, last saturday my place of work (Hinemoa Street Organic Cafe held an Organic Market!

Selling Free range FRENZ eggs, organic tomatoes, carrot, leeks, and a bunch of other yummy vegies and fruit, all in this gorgeous cart

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Page 2 of The Granny Chapter

Relating to this sudden change of direction in my life, this, the granny chapter is the outlet for my new (and some old) hobbies. Including art, crochet & general craftiness, gardening, and others soon to be discovered (I thought I might try my hand at Jam making later this year)
For now, I’ve been trying my hand at some more practical crocheting, here are some first pictures of a duffel bag that I made.

White and Peach Duffel Bag

Images of the book, and of a navy version of the same duffel bag that I'm starting to make

Page 1 of The Granny Chapter

The beginning of 2011 has seen me make a lot of changes in my life and I thought I'd record it in a blog, in cyberspace, where everybody can see it! (not that anyone would particularly want to see it) but what the hey. For me I beleive this will become abit like a diary for all my cyber bits and bobs. Everything and anything that relates to my interests, and a few that I hope you will enjoy too. Anyway, back to these changes:
Late last year I made some realisations about the direction I was heading with art and such, so decided that upon my final year in my degree I would learn the art of fine jewellery making. Though I am yet to organise this, I plan to participate in the courses at Workshop 6 ( However a little research into all things jewellery-esque introduced me to crochet. Specifically lace crochet. Since, I have been creating bags, little lace flowers and soon to be making jumpers! (if all goes to plan). Hopefully to start selling, like one of my idols
So here's the fruits of my labour:

First double stitch Motif

First attempt at double stitch

First attempt at shell fringing