Friday, 9 September 2011


I can't move in my city!!

It's so packed here in Auckland, I went down to the waterfront to check out all the people. It's so interesting people watching, kind of like going to the zoo :P

The celebrations were cool too though, like all the Waka's coming into the waterfront, and the "600 Maori Warriors" doing a massive haka (there's no such thing as Maori warriors, they're just dressing up!".

But it got much too busy for me, and I was just by myself so I decided to come home.

And here I am, watching the All Black's steamroll Tonga (poor Tongans). Drinking my home made Pina Colada's... watched the fireworks too, they were awesome, better than our New Year's fireworks.
I could even go as far to say they were better than Sydney's NYE fireworks (2010-2011).

Anyway you should check it out, TVNZ have awesome coverage.

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